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Buying HEALTH INSURANCE through our online portal means you are joining a group as a Limited Partner. Group insurance is similar to the employer or club membership insurance. In this case, rather than being part of a club or employer group you are joining a private browser group. The purpose of this group would empower people to mimic what big tech has been doing when they give you free access to anything. You see, when you put your information out on the web, you become their product and they generate a profit because of that. This browser only requires you to use it for 1 hour a day and it would enable you to keep your privacy while also getting appropriate advertisements with your ‘category’ information. Rather than the browser making money off you as a product, you get to turn the tables and you get to cash in on your info – while it remains private – unlike Social Media and Giant Tech companies. The game ends here. This is a Win/Win situation for those who love their country and the freedom it represents. If you need to enroll in a health plan, this is a treat.