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Individual Life Insurance – Low Cost Life Insurance for Seniors in PA

Secure your family’s financial future by offering a way for much-needed funds during times of need to be made available for :

  1. Cover burial expenses,
  2. Uninsured medical bills,
  3. Pay off your mortgage and
  4. Other outstanding debts

All while maintaining a balanced and comfortable living.

There are a variety of life insurance plans provided within the industry. All you have to do is relate to your and your family’s financial needs.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is an affordable and minor expense direction in providing much-needed coverage for you and/or your family during crucial times.  The coverage is limited in time and lapses over a timeline.  It offers no value in terms of investments once it expires.  The timeline varies between five and 30 years.  The insured’s beneficiary collects funds only if the insured dies during the designated timeline.  Premiums must be paid on time and be current.  Also, if there are any misrepresentations on the application payments can be forfeited.

Final Expense aka Whole Life Insurance.

This covers protection for the entire life of the insured, commencing on the date when the plan was issued all the way to his/her death as long as payments are current.  Premiums are determined on the inception and continue leveled during its entire cycle.  This type of policy combines insurance coverage, savings or cash value which increases during its cycle.  This provides financial sources for living expenses which may include:

  1. Mortgage expenses, or
  2. Child’s education, and/or
  3. Cash surrender value
Universal Life Insurance

This is known to be a flexible type of plan in which insureds may determine the quantity and frequency of the monthly payments, for example, if you chose to increase your payments it will affect your timeline in future payments.  Premiums cover the insurance part, and it also covers the investment/savings as well as the expense. Interest rates affect the investment part and it moves in 1/4 % portions along with how banks and other financial institutions shift.

Mortgage Protection Coverage

This type of loan is typically known to be the biggest individual debt.  This is a specialized plan which is designed to complete the payment in the event of the debt owner’s death.  Some carriers don’t even require you to have a mortgage. They may just pay you a certain monthly amount just as if the mortgage were being paid down.  

Either way, avoid a financial disaster due to a fatality in your or your loved ones’ experience.  Secure your family home and don’t go into foreclosure.  If you have children, this would help ease the stability.  Losing a parent is devastating enough.  It may feel like a further blow to your children if they have to leave the only thing they are familiar with which includes their friends and local relatives and/or influencers such as teachers & coaches.

Such action eases the monetary burden which forces individuals to have a deeper live changing event.

Assurance For Life – Offering Comprehensive & Low-Cost Life Insurance for Seniors in PA

If you are a senior citizen living in Pennsylvania, you may be interested in learning about the comprehensive and low-cost life insurance options. At Assurance For Life, we offer a variety of plans that can meet your needs and budget, and we provide the best possible service to our customers.

Introducing Assurance For Life And Their Commitment To Providing Affordable Life Insurance For Seniors In PA.
Assurance For Life is one of the most reputed insurance companies in PA. Our commitment to providing comprehensive and Low-Cost Life Insurance for Seniors in PA has made them one of the most trusted and reliable life insurance providers in the state. We also offer a wide range of life insurance products, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, and universal life insurance. You can search for Global Life And Accident Insurance Company Phone Number and inquire about our life insurance products.
Summarizing The Benefits Of Choosing Assurance For Life For Life Insurance Coverage.
When it comes to choosing Low-Cost Life Insurance For Seniors In PA, there are many options available. However, Assurance For Life is one of the best choices available. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Assurance For Life for your life insurance coverage:
  1. Low premiums: One of the biggest benefits of Assurance For Life is the low premiums. You can get coverage for very minimal prices per month.
  2. Excellent customer service: Assurance For Life has excellent customer service, and you can expect to receive quick and responsive support when you need it.
  3. Wide range of coverage options: Assurance For Life offers a wide range of coverage options, so you can find the perfect policy to fit your needs.
  4. No medical exam required: You do not need to take a medical exam to get coverage with Assurance For Life.
  5. Flexible payment options: Assurance For Life offers flexible payment options, so you can choose the payment plan that works best for you.
  6. Worldwide coverage: Assurance For Life offers worldwide coverage, so you can rest assured that your policy will be there when you need it.
  7. Fast claims processing: Assurance For Life has fast claims processing, so you can get the money you need quickly and efficiently.
Thank you for taking the time to learn about Assurance For Life, and we hope that you will consider us when shopping for life insurance. Our products are designed specifically for seniors, and we offer some of the most competitive rates in the state. Contact us today to learn more, or visit our website to get a free quote. We look forward to serving you!