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Long-term care is at-home care which is usually a service provided by a nursing agency.  Some carriers allow for private help.  This is typically a service for Activities of daily living (ADLs) also referred to as basic self-care tasks.  This includes daily life activities such as bathing, dressing which may be related to any of the following: accident, disease, or perhaps old age.

Due to baby boomers from the 60’s, this is a major industry today.

Extended life expectancy offers the need for “long-term care”.  If you or a family member has a long-term illness,  disability, or decreased overall well-being of daily performance you may consider regret not having getting covered.  Preparedness is always a solid recommendation. Don’t wait until it is too late.  Passing time requires more attention to this need.

One must meet the poverty level in order to be covered for almost half the cost of LTC either at home or at a facility.

Individualized Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance | Assurance For Life

Don’t get caught having to “spend down” most of your assets on health care.  Don’t lose your home, damage your credit or spend down your savings.

Assurance For Life offers free comparative estimates for individualized long-term care (LTC). 

You can get the best premium by letting us shop for you for a more effective plank that would suit your needs.  Let us help you learn more about affordability in this area.  Now, aren’t you curious to know just how much you can save? 

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