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The most recommended coverage, best to buy it early in life.  Most expensive when needed when past a certain age, however.

Whole life is also known as “final expense”.  This helps families during difficult times when the least they need to worry about is expenses.  Crowd Funding, fundraising leaves much to be desired.  If possible, avoid the trouble and possible embarrassment.  Get you and your loved ones covered.  This coverage guarantees all funeral and burial directors covered expenses in a timely fashion.  Typically a certificate is handed to them for their assurance and expense handling.  Unless you are doing a cremation, here is a breakdown of some of the expenses:

  1. burial plot, and/or
  2. casket, and
  3. Headstone ($1000 to $10,000)

Don’t set yourself or your loved ones up to confront complicated financial decision-making tasks during such stressful times.

A final expense plan perfects these life-changing moments.  It offers affordability and at the time of purchase typically there is no medical exam required.  Furthermore, premiums are fixed and won’t change. 

Most coverages provide funds to your family within 24-48 hours of your or your loved ones passing whereas traditional life insurance plans can take weeks to payout. This short-term and automatic financial relief offers financial stability during stressful moments.  It even helps you stay current on expenses that can affect your credit.